Visual Arts

Art 10 i b

5 Credits
Prerequisite: None

This course is designed to be enjoyable and challenging to students with an interest in art. Emphasis is placed on expanding the use of creativity and problem solving. No previous art training is required but a desire to learn and an enthusiastic attitude are expected. Art 10 IB is a foundation course that introduces a variety of materials and technical skills.

Through a wide variety of activities and projects, students will be expected to think and act like artists in a studio setting and stretch themselves creatively. Students will work with pencil, pencil crayon, charcoals, pen and ink, pastels, water color, print making, clay and acrylic paints. Art 10 IB also includes developing and expanding our visual language though history and critique.

This course sets the foundation for studying Art 20 IB, Art 20, and Advanced Art 25.