Visual Arts

Advanced art 35

5 Credits

Prerequisite: Advanced Art 25 or Art 20 final mark of 75%+ or a letter of recommendation from the art teacher if the mark is less than 75%.

The advanced classes are designed to provide highly motivated students with the opportunity to have an extended exploration of personal interest in art. These courses enable students to critically view themselves in relation to the world. The extensive portfolio of original work and extended art studio experience will provide students with opportunities for focused study at the post-secondary level. Note: Students will be required to supply their own paint and brushes.

Our Art Students Will:

  • Learn and explore a variety of skills and techniques needed to be a successful artist
  • Think and behave as Artists
  • Learn a “Life Skill”
  • Explore individual creativity, imagination and problem solving.
  • Learn to make defending qualitative judgments about art.