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Ms. gwen ridout

Gwen graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in 1986 with a B.Ed. - Major in Fine Arts and a Minor in P.Ed. During this time, she was also a member of the “Husky” Track and Field Team as well as a member of the Canadian National Track and Field Team. Moving to Calgary after graduating, Gwen immediately received a temporary contract at Dr. E. P. Scarlett. Since then, she has worked at various schools, Fairview Jr. High School, Henry Wise Wood, Dr. Gordon Higgins, and is presently in her 11th year at Western Canada High School. She is currently coaching club track UCAC and also track at the University of Calgary.

“My philosophy is to teach my students a life skill, something that they can do for the rest of their life. I want to give them the skills to be able to pick up any medium and be successful. I want to give them problem solving skills and to be able to think beyond the obvious and think outside of the box. Not be afraid to take chances and feel good about themselves. Art is a place to find peace. Everyday life is so full of unnecessary complications. In the art room, the pressure and anxiety degenerates and you become free. The world slows down and art becomes an escape. Art has the potential to change lives.”