All Fine Arts programs at Western Canada High School strive to enrich their students with the best experiences possible. These experiences might include maintaining and purchasing new equipment and materials, upgrading and creating working space, mentoring from professionals and artistic communities, and taking students to professional venues and events. Every opportunity has a price, and the Fine Arts programs are constantly seeking out means to achieve these ends. Each department at our school has a long wish list which we know will improve upon our students’ already strong success rate.

With each donation, students gain advantages and insights, with a greater understanding of performing excellence and a clearer vision of the future opportunities each student can achieve. Doors are opened, contacts are made, and skills can be perfected to a polished brilliance. At Western Canada High School, we believe in giving our students every prospect possible. With your support, these occasions will be cultivated and our students will flourish into young professional artists.

As a donor, you can request which program you would like to support. Through communication with our educators, you may help shape a more specific use for your donation. All donations over fifty dollars will be eligible for a tax receipt. It is with our sincerest gratitude that we thank you in advance for your support.

With your generosity, you can help our student’s aspirations come true!

Please contact Mr. Brendan Hagan-Fine and Performing Arts Learning Leader regarding all donation inquiries: 403-228-5363 ext.2135