Band Program

The Band Program at Western is among the finest of its kind in Canada. This nationally recognized program has garnered a demand that sees enrollment of 300+ students annually, making us the largest program in the City of Calgary. With performance as a focus of the program, we have three large instrumental ensembles; the Grade 10 Concert Band, the Grade 11 Symphonic Band, and the Grade 12 Wind Ensemble. Each ensemble is open to students with previous experience in instrumental music. The schedule of the Band Program courses is designed to function as a co-curricular enrichment opportunity that complements our outstanding academic program. These courses in the AM block enable our student population with the opportunity to take these courses without any conflict with their academic schedule. The core of the experience in the Band Program focuses on ensuring students gain a healthy culture of belonging, respect, and community through every experience they receive as a member of the Western Band Program. Throughout the year, students participate in fall band camps, annual spring band tours, local festivals, workshops, and partner with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra. Twice a year, students perform to a packed house at the world class Jack Singer Concert Hall for our Winter Band Concert in December and Year End Band Concert in June. The Band Program at Western offers the following performance ensembles: Grade 10 Concert Band, Grade 11 Symphonic Band, Grade 12 Wind Ensemble, Junior Jazz Band, Senior Jazz Band, and two Jazz Combos. We also offer a unique enrichment Chamber Ensemble Program to enhance the large instrumental performing ensembles. The Chamber Ensemble Program includes the following: String Ensemble, Brass Ensemble, French Horn Ensemble, Flute Ensemble, Clarinet Ensemble, Saxophone Ensemble, and Percussion Ensemble.

Band Leadership Executive

With a mandate of serving the student community before self, the leadership practice of the Band Executive focuses on ensuring students gain personal value and strength through every experience they receive as a member of the Western Band Program. Their leadership engagement aims to foster a culture of belonging, respect, and community amongst students in the program. As a leadership team, they share responsibility for ensuring that the Western Band Program can continue to be a place where the values of passion, class, excellence, professionalism, and citizenship are instilled in every student. As leaders, they are fulfilled by knowing their contributions create the best possible experience for students at all times. They take pride in knowing that their leadership work enriches the student experience in the program at Western, and that those experiences will benefit every single student for years to come.

Instrumental Jazz Program

The Jazz Program at Western features a wealth of vibrant jazz performance ensemble opportunities for students that are enrolled in the Band Program. Students of all skills levels in the Band Program have the opportunity to engage in skill development through jazz performance as part of our specialized Jazz Program. Performance ensembles include Junior Jazz Band, Senior Jazz Band, Junior Jazz Combo, and Senior Jazz Combo. These ensemble classes rehearse in the PM block after school twice a week. They also perform in the community, at festivals, and on trips. Students choosing to enroll in any Jazz ensemble must also be enrolled in either the Concert Band, Symphonic Band, or Wind Ensemble.

Band Promo Brochure

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